5-ый DVD (первый сезон)
Название DVD 5 (1 сезон)
Дата выхода 22 ноября 2012
Эпизоды Эпизоды 12, 13 и 14
Порядок выхода DVD выпусков

"DVD 5" - это пятый выпуск DVD релиза первого сезона аниме "Баскетбол Куроко", по эпизодам 12, 13 и 14.


  • Отрывок (на английском):

Рико: It was the final day of the A Block of the Inter-High preliminary tournament. In the semifinals, we faced the King of the North, Seihou High School. Although we struggled against their rock-solid defense, which incorporates ancient martial arts, we clinched the victory thanks to the valiant efforts of our second years.

Then, in the finals, we had a fierce battle against the King of the East, Shuutoku High School—the team of Midorima Shintarou of the Generation of Miracles. It was quite literally a fight to the death. We were overwhelmed by his three-pointers, but with the combined power of an awakened Kagami-kun and Kuroko-kun, we made a comeback and seized victory.

In the wake of fighting two fierce, life-or-death battles in one day against the strong schools known as the Kings of Tokyo, we secured our position as champions of the A-Block preliminary tournament. At last, the final fight that would determine our participation in the Inter-High was within sight—as we, Seirin High School, had advanced to the finals league. However, an unforeseen obstacle suddenly arose before us.

– – [in a hallway at Seirin; the school chime rings]
Кагами: Geez, why does Coach always spring this stuff on us out of the blue? Now she wants us to bring our midterm papers to practice for some reason.
Куроко: Yeah.
Кагами: She better not’ve come up with another crazy idea…
Куроко: Actually, I’m fairly certain there is a logical explanation…
Кагами: What d’ya mean?
Куроко: I heard that we’re not allowed to participate in the Inter-High if we get failing marks on our exams.
Кагами: Seriously?! Wait, but why now? Finals are still a long way off. Ain’t it a little early to be worrying about that?
Куроко: Maybe it’s related to the achievement tests we have to take the day after tomorrow.
Кагами: But those achievement tests don’t affect our grades, right?
Куроко: Right…
Кагами: Then what’s the problem? We should be practicing instead of wasting time on this.
[Riko appears out of nowhere]
Рико: There’s a huge problem!
Кагами: ?!
Куроко: Coach, we brought the exam papers from our midterms.
– – [in the gym]
Хьюга: Alright, listen up! Looks like all the freshmen are here.
Рико: As you already know, we have to take achievement tests the day after tomorrow. It’s true that the results of these tests don’t have any effect on our grades. However—
Хьюга: At our school, there are about 300 students in each grade. And each grade is ranked by academic performance.
Изуки: And the lowest-scoring one hundred students in each grade are required to take supplementary lessons next Saturday. And therein lies the problem.
Кагами: Eh? Saturday?! But that’s the day of the finals—!
Koganei: Exactly. So if you flunk the tests, you can’t go to the game, and it’s all over before you can even think about winning or losing.
Куроко: Now I understand.
Хьюга: And so, if we think you’re in trouble based on the results of your midterms, you’re gonna attend a cram session at Coach’s house, starting tonight.
Кагами: At Coach’s house…?
Когонеи: What’re you gettin’ all excited for?
Рико: [bashful] We’re only going to study, okay? And just so we’re clear… [back to reality] …there’s a snowball’s chance in hell of "risqué developments" for numbskulls who might miss the game ‘cause they have to take supplementary lessons!
Кагами: [gulps]
Изуки: ?! Coach, you’re scaring the crap out of them…
Хьюга: Alright, let’s have a look at those exam papers, shall we?
[looking at Furihata, Kawahara, and Fukuda’s papers]
Рико: Hm. Furihata-kun, Kawahara-kun, and Fukuda-kun, it looks like you’ll do alright. Just make sure to review the material before the test. Now, the only ones left are…
Куроко: Yes.
Кагами: Yeah.
Хьюга: It all comes down to this. The two critical players for the finals are also the hardest to predict…
Изуки: To be honest, the very future of the Seirin basketball club is on the line here.
Рико: Okay, then, let’s start with Kuroko-kun.
[looking at Kuroko’s papers]
Рико: English, 55 points.
Хьюги: Math, 59 points.
Изуки: Japanese, 81 points.
Когонеи: Chemistry, 49 points.
Хьюга, Изуки, Когоней и Рико: Whoa… So ordinary…
Рико: T-they’re not bad! But they’re not really good, either.
Изуки: Oh, but his Japanese score’s pretty good.
Когонеи: But even that’s totally ordinary!
Кагами: Japanese history, 63 points… Kuroko, I had no idea you were so smart…
Хьюга: What?!
Рико: No way…! I mean, I should have known…!
Кагами: Yes?
[looking at Kagami’s papers]
Рико: Biology, 9 points?!
Хьюга: Japanese history, 14 points?!
Изуки: English, 41 points?!
Когонеи: Japanese, 3 points?!
Хьюга, Изуки, Когоней и Рико: [depressed] They’re horrible…
Рико: I knew…I knew you were an idiot, but…to think it was this bad—!
Кагами: Erk.
Хьюга: He actually managed to get a zero on this one! That’s kind of impressive!
Кагами: Urgh…
Изуки: And why the heck is your English score so low?!
Куроко: Kagami-kun, you grew up in America, didn’t you…?
Кагами: Japanese English is too freakin’ nitpicky! They’re way too strict about it…! I mean, as long as people can understand me, who cares?!
Рико: And just where do you get off with that defiant attitude?! [pummels Kagami]
Кагами: Aaaahh—!! [collapses]
Хьюга: Oh, boy… I guess we’re gonna have to split up the material and each tutor him in a different subject.
Кагами: Huh? Senpai…you’re all actually smart enough to do that? …I mean, are you?
Рико: Don’t underestimate us—! [whacks Kagami]
Кагами: Guh—!
Хьюга: Damn straight we are! Smarter than you, anyway.
Когонеи: And now, for your information…we are proud to present our rankings from the most recent achievement tests! First up is our captain, Hyuuga Junpei! Out of 305 students, he was 112th!
Хьюга: [pushes up his glasses] Well, there you have it.
Когонеи: Izuki Shun—71st!
Изуки: Can I get some sugar for that sweet score? Yes, this is it!
Когонеи: Aaaand moving on… Tsuchida Satoshi— 81st! Mitobe Rinnosuke—74th! And yours truly, Koganei Shinji—52nd!
Кагами: You guys are incredible! —and Koganei-senpai, that’s especially incredible for you.
Когонеи: And last but not least is our coach, Aida Riko—2nd!
Кагами: Wha—?! Wait, C-Coach… Second?! You’re that smart?!
Рико: Heheh. Well, you know.
Куроко: But Captain…despite the fact that you wear glasses, your ranking is a lot lower than I—
Хьюга: Don’t just assume that everybody who wears glasses is smart! Besides, I’m above the average, so what does it matter?
Кагами: Ugh, damn it! So long as I can play basketball, who cares about my grades—?! [whacked by Riko] Gah—!
Рико: Even idiots can play basketball! But…idiots can’t win!
Кагами: Urgh…
Хьюга: Alright, come to Coach’s house after school, got it? Don’t even think about running away, Kagami. And Kuroko, you come, too.
Куроко: Eh? Me, too?


  • Эндинг Карты



12.Что такое "Победа"?

  • Высота прыжков Кагами возрастает. Успехи в сдерживании бросков Мидорима окрыляют его. Но от Куроко не скрыть изменения: Кагами становится совершенно эгоцентричным, постепенно отдаляясь от командной игры. Сейрин берет тайм-аут, на котором Куроко остужает пыл Кагами. Фантом Поколения Чудес точно знает, индивидуальная победа – не принесет ему счастье. А помочь приблизить команду Сейрин к их Общей победе Куроко способен своим "особыми" пасами.

13. "Я верю в тебя"

  • Высокие прыжки значительно утомили Кагами, число его потенциальных блоков трехочковых Мидоримы стремительно падает. Но Куроко обыграл свою невидимость и впервые применил свой высокоскоросной "взрывной" пас. Инициатива в игре переходит на Куроко, который помогает снизить отрыв. Сейрин проигрывает 5 очков Шутоку, и осталось всего 30 секунд до финального свистка. Однако, Куроко уверен: победит искренняя вера в своих товарищей по команде.

14."Ты совсем, как он"

  • После победы и выхода в Финал Отборочных Сейрин решает подкрепиться сытным ужином в ближайшем кафе. Выигравшие Куроко и Кагами, а также двое из Поколение Чудес - Кисе и Мидорима за одним столиком - это слишком горячо. Но новые соперники не ждут, и Сейрин усиливает разносторонние тренировки. К Куроко приходит его старая знакомая Момои, а Кагами пора познакомиться с непревзойденным "Асом" Поколения Чудес Аомине Дайки.


  • В DVD вошли три NG-ролика. Первый про то, как телефон может разрядиться в самый неожиданный момент. Второй про то, как Куроко покорил сердце Момои, а третий про непростой характер Рё Сакураи, который в прямом смысле слова заставил пострадать Шоичи Имаёши.

Интересные фактыПравить

  • В приложенном к изданию журналу "KUROBAS MAGAZINE" было опубликованное интервью актера-сейю Дайсуке Оно, который озвучивает в аниме Шинтаро Мидорима.


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